HID macros: Software for sending keyboard macros activated from different USB devices
Some ideas for future development. Almost all of them come from user feedback. I'm very happy to receive your ideas, comments and even bug reports :-).

FSUIPC interface

I don't use registered version of FSUIPC so I'm not much familier with the product. I just went briefly through SDK and my understanding is, that it would bring new possibilities to influence FS.


X-plane interface

Clear request and there should be no technical issue. The issue is that I don't have X-plane. And as FSX curently "eats" all my time reserved for virtual flying I don't plan to buy it. But it always depends on user feedback and wishes. And I can promise if I receive donations covering prize of X-plane, I will buy and develop the link :-).


Keyboard shortcuts targeted to specific window

I like this idea and already did some tests. But it seems there's no easy way that would work for 100%. Just sending standard keyboard messages doesn't work for all aplications - e.g. Notepad ignore such messages. Realizing this I gave up for now. Again, with strong user feedback I can investigate further.

Conditional macro definitions = scripting support

The request is quite simple: "I hit this key and will control COM1 with this mouse wheel. Then I hit another kay and will control NAV1 with the same mouse wheel". Can be done with scripting which would bring additional features like profiles for keyboard controlled e.g. by joystick button - something like Saitek has for X52. Or some definitions based on time out and maybe also on values from FSX. This all can be done, but it's quite big development. So it only depends on my time and ... of course... feedback.