HID macros: Software for sending keyboard macros activated from different USB devices

This utility is written mainly for Flight Simluator (with extra feature for FSX Deluxe version), but can be also usefull if you want to activate keyboard macros from special keyboard(s). With latest version mouse & game devices support was added (see below).

Key features

This software is freeware. Author provides no warranty.

FS usage example - the cheapest home cockpit

Connect any old keyboard and just stick paper labels with FS buttons. Then you define macro commands just for this keyboard. It means e.g. "A" on this old keyboard can turn autopilot on/off, but "A" on your regular keyboard will work just as before. The command can be either keyboard shorcut sent to FS window or SimConnect event (see FSX SDK for available events and their description).


 Detected keyboards

Macro definitons 


Refer to videos page to see HIDMacros in action.