Hidmacros forgetting some assignments

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Hidmacros forgetting some assignments

Post by Travieso » 27 Feb 2022, 10:56

Hi there!

Disclaimer: I know Hidmacros is fased out, but I consider myself too old (or too lazy) for learning lua. Also, Hidmacros is enough for my purposes and it is working a charm.

The thing is that the program remembers most of the macros and assignments I created in the last session with the program. Before I shut down Hidmacros, all the keys (external usb numeric keypad) are recognised and the macros are run as advertised. The next time I launch the program, the macros for the 'calc' 'email' and 'home' keys are still there, but the assignments are gone. I would re-assign those 3 keys and minimise the program and everything would run great. The next time everything would happen again, but I said I'm too lazy.

Those same 3 keys were by default assigned in the Windows registry to launch ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AppKey\), and I manually removed those entries to stop those apps from launching.

I wonder if anybody came accross the same.

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