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space bar Key and Alt key

Posted: 11 Oct 2020, 20:30
by adamhuman
so i get a new Keypad to use it with photoshop
and i need to remap the Numpad0 as SpaceBar and the * as Alt key
note : "in photoshop i can't remap spacebar and alt in the settings , it does not allow"
so that's why im trying to use HID Macros for this purpose

i tried to use % as the Alt key but it does not trigger alt key inside photoshop
same as using Scripts such as :

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HIDMacros.SendKeys CHR(18)

Re: space bar Key and Alt key

Posted: 12 Oct 2020, 07:55
by admin
I think you won't be able to send alt only from HidMacros. Just combination