Windows 10: keypresses not being blocked

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Windows 10: keypresses not being blocked

Post by lidders » 01 Jan 2017, 23:52

'm running HIDMacros in compatibility mode on Windows 10 with FSX to control the CDU on PMDG 737 aircraft. That part works great but unfortunately the keypresses still seem to be going through to the main FSX window and causing havoc. Is the keypress blocking feature broken with Windows 10?. I know from reading a lot of forum posts about Windows Raw Input that it has been a major headache to capture the keypress & prevent it being seen by the foreground application window, but I thought Petr had cracked it.

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Re: Windows 10: keypresses not being blocked

Post by admin » 02 Jan 2017, 08:09

I have win10 but don't have FSX. AFAIR there were no problems with blocked keys in FSX (in other apps they were reported).
Make sure you run both apps under the same user (no Run as admin or for hidmacros too) and I don't think you need compatibility mode.
Other apps (like notepad) are ok?
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