HIDmacros and remote controller?

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HIDmacros and remote controller?

Post by keyi » 08 Feb 2018, 16:31


I have this small remote controller (somewhere referred as "air mouse"). It is basically like small TV controller but it works with PC too which you can use for volume control and stuff like that. You just plug that small USB dongle into PC and it works.

Today i wanted to use it for shortcuts to control some Photoshop stuff i use the most (brush size, eraser, undo...etc.)

What i have noticed is that HID macros recognize the controller and you can assign shortcut on buttons BUT the problem is that it doesn't override the original key so what it does it sizes the bush up in Photoshop but also turn the volume up at the same time. That's for all other keys - it does what you assign it to in HID macros but all it's original purpose at the same time.

Why is this happening? Does anyone know?

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Re: HIDmacros and remote controller?

Post by admin » 09 Feb 2018, 09:22

I guess those events (e.g. for volume up) are kind of special, not as standard key press so HidMacros won't be able to stop them.
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Re: HIDmacros and remote controller?

Post by luiwingkin » 13 Feb 2018, 00:37

Hello! Here are some of my personal advice.
1. You may check the character system used in your Window. For instance, I am using Chinese Window. The function of

if (direction == 1) then return end -- ignore keydown

does not work in overriding the original function of the keys.

In my system, I added

if (button == 229) then return end -- ignore key for the Chinese Inputs

as the IME in Windows change the keydown of all keys to 229.
In fact, I come across a post talking about the similar topic, while a tool has been written by someone for testing the Key Code. In fact, I figure out the problem with the tool. Hence, all credit should go to him/her. :D

2. If the previous solution does not work. You can utilize the COM port or the Http server of the LuaMarcos.
First, plug the air-mouse to an old computer / pyboard / rasberrypi / arduino / etc.
Second, get the key inputs from the air-mouse.
Third, send the command via COM port or Http connection, while LuaMarco received the command so as to perform your defined key sequence.

Hope the suggestion helps!

BTW, admin! When is the new version release? :) :)
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