please help me

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please help me

Post by tuongtndg » 02 Dec 2017, 04:27

Yet another newbie question, below is the sample script, the aplhanumeric keys like "C" and 'E 'works but I want use keys like HOME,NUM1,F1 key,NUMMINUS. Please help me with the syntax to use Number pad keys or special keys like capslock in the last line of this sample code. Is there any reference somewhere in hidmacros or in
Can I use the the Keynumber generated from the error message of "Not yet assigned: 32" ?

- assign logical name to macro keyboard

-- define callback for whole device
lmc_set_handler('MACROS',function(button, direction)
if (direction == 1) then return end -- ignore down
if (button == string.byte('C')) then lmc_spawn("calc")
elseif (button == string.byte('E')) then lmc_spawn("wscript", "C:\\Users\\npatel\\Desktop\\Email.vbs")
elseif (button == string.byte('NUMMINUS')) then lmc_spawn("wscript", "C:\\Users\\npatel\\Desktop\\webstation.vbs")

else print('Not yet assigned: ' .. button)
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Re: please help me

Post by admin » 04 Dec 2017, 09:27

Of course you can, use the number instead of sitring.byte().
You can see it from the code, button is regular number, there's no magic, just lua basics.
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