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input to another devices

Post by alegmaster » 19 Jun 2017, 16:53

if I have 2 devices like 'Kb1' and 'Kb2',
I can use Kb1 Q to trigger E on Kb2 and vice-versa?

or even use a keyboard to trigger and button or axis of a joystick?

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Re: input to another devices

Post by admin » 25 Jun 2017, 19:50


You can send "general" key strokes but these are "faked" and stored directly to windows queue so cannot be handled by hid/lua macros again.
Similar to joystick... how do you "trigger" axis? You probably mean to have some virtual joystick and control it from luamacros. I saw some software with this feature (creating virtual joystick with API) but never needed to use it.
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