Having problems opening LuaMacros (intermittent)

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Having problems opening LuaMacros (intermittent)

Post by cattywampus » 23 Oct 2018, 06:46

Hi there
I have recently started using your software to control OBS by way of a home made, DIY stream deck using a separate USB keypad. I had not had this specific issue before getting my new computer a few days ago. Basically what happens is I click to load Lua (either just by launching the app itself and a blank script, or by launching my .lua script file) and it just hangs there for 30-60 seconds. It then opens up but when I click the play button, it hangs again and then lags and eventually fails to work.

If I run Lua as soon as my computer loads up, it generally loads fine and functions fine and the script seems to run OK. But then later if I restart the script or want to change something, it begins playing up.

I am not 100% certain whether these things work every time, but what I have noticed is:

1. If I unplug my keyboard and the keypad and plug them back in, things may return to normal.
2. I can go through Device Manager and disable various HID input devices and eventually it may return to normal.

It is almost as if Lua is having trouble reading what devices are plugged in or something. I have tried going through and closing applications and stopping as many services as I can to see if it springs back to life when it starts playing up but have had no success.

My original computer as an Intel based system (3770k with a Z77 chipset) and I did not encounter this problem; my new system is a Ryzen 7 2700X with X470 chipset based system. I have tried swapping devices round on different USB ports but have not had any luck. I have updated the AMD chipset drivers.

I am using a Corsair RGB Strafe keyboard as my main keyboard and have updated all the drivers and firmware.

I have tried running everything as administrator and in various compatibility modes but it makes no difference.

I am at a loss as to what could be causing this. Does anyone have any ideas? The software works great when its working.

Thank you.

FYI These are the devices as printed by Lua..

Code: Select all

<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VIRTUALDEVICE&10&COL03#2&1F1CA0F9&0&0002#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [592697] :  keyboard
<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VIRTUALDEVICE&10&COL02#2&1F1CA0F9&0&0001#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [527163] :  keyboard
<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VID_046D&PID_C232#2&83C23E8&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [263239] :  keyboard
<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VID_04D9&PID_1203&MI_00#B&312E49E&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65737] :  keyboard
<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VID_046D&PID_C539&MI_00#B&167682D0&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65719] :  keyboard
<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VID_1B1C&PID_1B20&MI_00#9&1EC09610&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65647] :  keyboard
<unassigned>  :  \\?\HID#VID_1B1C&PID_1B20&MI_01&COL01#9&6FD09CB&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65641] :  keyboard
Total number of devices: 7

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Re: Having problems opening LuaMacros (intermittent)

Post by admin » 23 Oct 2018, 08:15

Hmm, seems to be specific to your computer setup.
The only thing you may try is to run luamacros with -k switch (see this post: http://hidmacros.eu/forum/viewtopic.php ... =241#p1475) - then your macro keys won't be blocked but at least you may see if root cause is really just enumeration of devices or the "keyboard hack" which blocks original key and is disabled by the parameter
Petr Medek
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Re: Having problems opening LuaMacros (intermittent)

Post by cattywampus » 26 Oct 2018, 23:29

Thank you for your fast reply. I have just had a go at launching Lua using the -k argument in an elevated command prompt. It sits and thinks about it a while, it doesn't seem create a process in Task Manager like it does when it fails by just double clicking it and then it gives me the follow error:

System Error, (OS Code 3):
The system cannot find the path specified.
Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Cancel to kill the program.

The dot in the middle is as it appears on the error message.
Any thoughts? Thanks

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